slowly but surely…’s all happening

There are some New Year’s resolutions that I re-commit to every year – resolutions that aren’t really that fun but I realize are part of aging gracefully into the healthy adult I am meant to be:

  • moisturize more often
  • drink more water
  • curse less
  • save more
  • spend less on unnecessary material things

     6 weeks into 2013 and so far today I’ve had:

  • coffee
  • 2 red bulls
  • a diet coke
  • and I’m seriously considering purchasing a black Vince leather jacket for about $1000 that is fucking amazing.

I see life as a work in progress.



In addition to the super healthy, super adult, super booorrrriiing resolutions there are life amendments that I annually add into the mix. Just for pure pleasure’s sake.

    One year, it was to regularly drink tea from my vintage tea set.

Everyone who drinks tea seems so elegantly relaxed and satisfied. Who doesn’t want to feel that way?! I’m sure the taste of tea is something I will grow into.


And tea cups are just pretty


Another year it was to listen to more brazilian jazz….


Which brings me here, 2013 will be the year of the blog. A little piece of internet real estate where I can share the things I  L ❤ V E with the people I L ❤ V E


 The timing is perfect really, I’ve re-entered the world of yachting which means I’ll have plenty of photos and musings from my travels and only the internet to share them with. Well, the internet and my crew…….. but something tells me the 52 year old British engineer doesn’t want to hear about vintage tea sets and brazilian jazz.  It could be the earphones he’s wearing while eating dinner in the crew mess.  Anyways, back to me.

I am currently in St.Maarten, also known as ‘the friendly island’, a half dutch/half french piece of Caribbean paradise where the beaches are pristine, the water is always that magical shade of clear turquoise and cheap bars and whorehouses outnumber police stations 12:1.




Just like everyone’s favorite childhood babysitter who allows you to eat ice cream for dinner and watch R-rated movies right until the headlights of you parent’s cars pull in the driveway, once the sun goes down, the dark night of St.Maarten encourages gratuitous indulgence that in the light of Mother Nature is seductively taboo.   Which is another reason I’m blogging.  I am trying to be a responsible, water drinking, moisturized, elegant adult that does not go out to the bar on a Monday night with her first mate, deckhand and chef but instead spends her evenings creating something of substance and beauty, while saving her hard earned money for the things that really matter in life.  Like bad ass leather jackets. Because she left her old one at either the Red Piano, Toppers or Golden Eyes last Sunday night.  Like I said, a work in progress.

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4 thoughts on “slowly but surely…’s all happening

  1. I started watching Below Deck because season 1 was filmed on my favorite island St. Maarten. I have enjoyed reading your blog posts was like reading a good book that you didn’t want to end. Do you believe in the whole 6 degrees of separation…..My family and I spend the first 2 weeks of February in St. Maarten every would be amazing to see you on Front St…although I would probably be too shy to say anything to you…

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