the weekend….


I recently turned the big 3-0 and I must say, I’m really enjoying it.   I feel more settled, confident and at peace with who and where I am in life.  I seem to take everything at a slower pace and when life doesn’t move fast enough it doesn’t bother me as much….Like last night for example, it was Friday night in St.Maarten and a friend of mine invited me to party with him and other yachties starting out at in a hotel room near my marina then moving on to the many island hot spots.  Now,the 20-something Kate would have dressed up and headed out with the fun-lovin’ group for a wild night of fun.  Instead 30 year old Kate had an early dinner, took a hot shower and was in bed, under the covers by 8:30.  It felt GREAT.

In addition to feeling more comfortable in my skin, being 30 means something else new and exciting for me….I finally feel mature enough for red lipstick.



So today I am headed to Philipsburg to do a little shopping, item #1 Red Lipstick!!!! Because I am a 30 year old adult woman who is just as happy staying in watching re-runs of  Golden Girls as she would be having cocktails and dancing until the wee hours of the morning.

Philipsburg is shopping central of St.Maarten


Besides ‘super-grown-up-I-am-woman-hear-me-roar-red’ lipstick there are a few other items I am hunting for today:

a beautiful ring of the gold, semiprecious stone, stackable variety



Postcards and Stamps.  I LOVE sending and receiving postcards.  It’s the best deal on the planet.  I mean, for under a dollar the postal service will deliver a pretty notecard to a friend anywhere in the world.  It’s amazing!


Today is clearly errands, shopping day.  Tomorrow, however is BEACH DAY.


I NEED this bikini.

St.Maarten has beautiful beaches

sxm beach


I’m very excited about my weekend plans.

That’s why this post is mostly pictures with captions….It’s 1:00, I’ve had 2 coffees (and a diet coke) and the sunshiny streets of Philipsburg are calling to me.


yay loverightnow

2 thoughts on “the weekend….

  1. you’re wonderful. It was like a well-done powerpoint presentation (a rare thing)–the pictures added to your words, not distracted the audience from what you’re saying.
    The “yay” flag is so you, too! Have a lovely weekend!

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