it’s Oscar’s week: I’m a Wilde Woman

charming wilde


“I have the simplest of tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”

I made a pretty serious commitment to a man named David this weekend.  His full name is David Yurman and the ring is yellow and white gold with a magnificently beveled black onyx stone. I know I always say this, but this time I’min love FOR REAL.

be so

Sometimes, no matter how adult and independent I feel (even with my new ring from David) sometimes a girl just wants her mommy.  I have the best mother in the world and I miss her every day.  The woman’s personality could light up Superbowl MMXIII post Beyonce.  She has somehow mastered the effortless combo of a 6 year old’s innocent joy and a teacher’s loving wisdom. I can only hope that i grow up to be just like her.

“All women become their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does.  That’s his”

pecan pie

“Experience is the name we give our mistakes”

For some reason the chief stew before me bought an excess amount of apples and pecans. I’m talking 13 f#%*ing bags of pecans in the crew mess alone (who the hell likes pecans that much?!?!) and a bowl of apples that just sits on the table, judging us, while we all eat greasy chips, oreos and red meat. Well I don’t eat that shit, I am forever on what I like to call ‘the bikini beach body diet’. It’s very strict: no food if possible.  Anyways, I had to get rid of it all without being wasteful so I spent Sunday listening to NPR and making an apple pecan pie from scratch and it was a big hit!

      I find it’s best to take the Paula Dean approach and just add lots of butter. To everything. I got the recipe from google, but when you take into account I can’t smell, and cooking kinda requires that weird thing called patience, it’s a basically all a guessing game for me. I mean, you wouldn’t ask Stevie Wonder to paint your family portrait, right?  But the chef is on vacation so the crew has to take what they can get.  I think I am doing a great job!  The pie was a big hit!

In other news, my entire crew has strangely all started the master cleanse fast.


I can resist everything but temptation”

To keep with the ‘Oscar’ them (see Daniel Day Lewis’ PERFECT acceptance speech)  Abraham Lincoln once said, “People who have no vices have very little virtues”. Yay, I am super virtuous. hashtagpinotgrigio hashtagsmokingisdisgusting/awesome

“Keep Love in your heart.  A life without it is like a sunless garden where the flowers are dead.”



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