The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers, sometimes called Floriography, was a Victorian -Era means of communication in which various flowers and floral arrangements were used to send coded messages, allowing individuals to express feelings which otherwise could not be spoken.

I LOVE secret languages!!

I thought it would be so cool to research floriography and come up with an amazingly artistic blog post, saturated with hidden meaning through stunning images of flowers..but I’ve been a little busy.  The boss has been onboard for 16 days, guest have been arriving and departing, we’ve been island hopping through the Caribbean    and my blog research time has been cut.

So instead I have collected some stunning images of flowers, artistically arranged them and injected my own personal narrative of the current events in my life at the moment.

Happy Spring!

kategreenRight now we are underway somewhere around Virgin Gorda, headed towards Norman Island. After a few more days bouncing between different but equally beautiful British Virgin Islands, we are headed to St.Barths for the regatta.  The port in St.Barths is notoriously surge-y and no doubt completely booked for the event so we will continue to be on anchor for the rest of the trip. 

I am beginning to miss land.


For the most part, the trip is going well.  There was that one awkward moment when I was chatting with one of our college aged guests.  We were discussing the chef’s cuisine and because I felt so comfortable in our conversation I slipped into using slang from my surf culture beachy hometown.  “Ya, his food is killer!”, I happily exclaimed………….and then remembered the guest I was speaking to is a type 1 diabetic…………….”er, i mean, amazing!” oopsies.


Oh and then there was the other little embarrassing moment when I heard one of the deckhands down in the galley below me.  His name is Andrew, he is from New Zealand and he is hilarious.  We have this cute little thing we do whenever we speak to each other, we talk in ‘Batman Voice’.  To speak in ‘Batman Voice’  you simply whisper as lound and gravelly as possible.  It sounds VERY intimidating and slightly creepy.

I am starting to miss land.

So anyways, I heard Andrew in the galley down below me so I tip toed down the stairs, dramatically swung my head around the corner and in my loudest, creepiest Batman voice whisper growled “AAANNNNNNN_DREEEEWWWWWWOOOOOOhhhhhh”.

and then I blushed and said “Oh, hi Grant (the owner’s son) I thought you were Andrew” .  He looked scared.



clematissnail roses flowergown

Sometimes when the chef is feverishly sharpening his knives I wonder if they really need to be sharpened or if he is just doing that as a gentle reminder to the rest of the crew that he has sharp objects near by at all times. It’s hard to tell.

flowersgrow columns

I think during my break today I might tidy up my bunk.  Something tells me it might be time to organize things a bit as I woke up this morning with my laptop’s charging cord wrapped around my neck like a noose.  No joke.  I couldn’t help but say to myself  “this is not normal”.

7 days until step foot on land again



vines vases



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