travel, fashion and stuffing


Words cannot describe my current state of excitement.  After a year straight of working and living on yachts, I am being released into the free world.  I am kinda in denial that I will not be wearing a skort or waking up to an alarm clock for at least 2 whole months!!!  As if that news isn’t thrilling enough, I am going to spend my time travelling to a few new places  and seeing friends.   Tomorrow I board a plane in Genova, Italy and my begin my next big adventure.theresaworld


First stop London to meet up with my favorite Brit, Paul.  We are headed straight to Greenwich for one night where I will calibrate all of my wristwatches to the exact Greenwich mean time of course. Then for the next few days Paul is going to take me to all of his top London spots. I’m so lucky to have one of my favorite people give me a local’s tour, even if there are one too many museums for my taste on the itinerary. The weather will probably be a bit chilly but touring around the streets of London with Paul will be a blast and it sounds like the perfect way to break in my new, gorgeous Italian leather boots, to boot!


On Friday I am going to my sister’s new apartment in Fulham, an area I’ve been told is quite posh.  I have no doubt this is true because my sister has impeccable taste.  I get to spend the weekend with her which is sure to be a great time as she is probably the best host/ tour guide any tourist could ever have.  I have visited her in Chicago and Manhattan and both trips made me feel like I had truly seen the best those cities had to offer.  I am so looking forward to Jen’s version of London!



After a week in London, I then fly to Abu Dhabi to see another favorite friend, Ashley.  Ashley just moved to the EU a few months ago and I am beyond excited to be able to visit her in such an exotic locale.  I basically have no idea what to expect from this new culture, but I’ve been told the shopping is amazing.  And by a serendipitous stroke of luck, I happened to pack the perfect dress in my suitcase.  It covers my arms and legs completely and is a vintage print of islamic architecture. Even more fitting is that the last time I wore it was with Ashley!  When I included it in my suitcase a few months ago I simply imagined wearing in St.Tropez or Palma….little did I know I would be traveling to Abu Dhabi! I always said that if I had to dress according to a muslim dress code I would wear nothing but Pucci silk dresses, they cover from head to toe but their stunning prints are eye catching and flattering.  Thank goodness I always travel with mine.  I don’t think it’s mandatory for me to completely cover up in Abu Dhabi, but I want to be as respectful as possible.






After Abu Dhabi I return to London just for 2 days to break up my travel time because the next flight I take is a long trans-atlantic flight……back home to the Space Coast!



I will be in my sweet little hometown for Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday.  I have already started pinning recipes and holiday decoration ideas.  Can’t wait to get all Martha Stewart up in my parent’s kitchen.   Stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, more stuffing, pumpkin pie, green bean casserole, stuffing with gravy, turkey with stuffing.  sweet potato casserole, and STUFFING. My plan is to gobble til I wobble.





And you better believe I am bringing back last year’s napkin turkeys for the table setting.  The table setting us stewardesses put together was magnificent and my little turkeys were the perfect finishing touch. (a celebrity that shall remain nameless even posted this photo to their twitter account)



Once I’ve had a week or so to shed the L-Bs I will inevitably gain from the Thanksgiving feast (STUFFING!!!!!) I am going to Rincon, Puerto Rico to see my best friend Tiah.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Rincon, I lived there one winter season and always try to get back there for at least a week when my schedule allows.  Nothing but beach, books and total relaxation while I’m there.

isabella surferrincon


Travel, new cultures, friends, family, and relaxation…..I’ve worked hard over the past year and now I get to just enjoy life for a little bit.





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