Days of Christmas Holiday Shopping Guide: Days 4-1

hgend4 hg4   4


4 This is a gift for literally  anyone in your contacts list regardless of their area code. Whether they are on your daily speed dial or just more of an ‘in case of emergency’ loved one, I think it’s safe to say everyone has a cell phone these days.  Rather than spending your time roaming and incurring excess charges searching for a personal yet affordable present for your receiver, check out Society6 collection of decorative phone covers.  With over 80 pages of $35 options, you’ll be sure to find at least one that is perfectly dialed in to even the most quirky tastes and guaranteed to have a good reception.  I’ve never used a phone cover before, but here are some of my faves…just in case 😉 case1 case2   call8

I think the one below was created especially for the citizens of the Space Coast: a surfing astronaut should be our unofficial official mascot. #321pride


 The next one felt familiar to me for some reason, like I’d seen it before or something…..


This one might be my very FAVORITE…..It must be a Kate thing.

    spacekate   3


3a3   The only thing more French than macarons would be a man named Pierre in a striped shirt ,wearing a neck scarf and a beret, drinking a glass of wine and eating macarons.  No need to go le crazy though.  These delicate yet palette striking confections are like creme puffs on their best behavior.  As my mother has always taught me, nothing says “it’s a party!” like creme puffs and Macarons share the same festive sentiment, their bright colors and cheerfulness proudly proclaiming   “c’est une fête!”.  They’re perfect for the holiday season!  The tiny merengue sandwiches of ganache or jam are a delightful mix of whimsy and elegance, yet another example of how the French are the masters of beautiful simplicity. french5 french3 french7   french1   As with most beautiful things, Macarons are not as simple as they appear to be.  In fact, I would say as far as making desserts go, they have an intermediate to advanced level of difficulty (but nowhere near the highly advanced, expert-only level of prailines – those delicious but high maintenance little f#$%ers (pardon my french)are nearly impossible to get right).  Any pastry chef worth their salt (and sugar) will tell you that baking is edible chemistry and requires specific tools, timing, temperatures.  Maybe for you this means putting the half eaten remnants of  the pre made cookie dough slab that you bought with secret intentions of eating raw (we all do it) on a cookie sheet in the oven until they look done enough – Everyone has their own degrees of precision – but for the more ambitious recreational pot stirrers, a macaron kit can take your cookie game from “Le Miserables” to “Ces’t Magnifique!” french6 macset french4 In case you heaven’t noticed, I love a good themed anything, all I need is a jumping off point and I get carried away, my mind running wild with all the related possibilities. It seems to be, for lack of a better word, a running theme in my creative life…..which brings me to that extra ooh la la item to include with the macarons for added je ne sais quoi……a pretty apron. There’s a reason the idea of a french maid is coquettish and flirty while the term ‘maid’ just sounds a bit depressing (trust me, I’m a yacht stewardess) and I think it is the frilly apron…..which has me thinking, maybe I should add some ruffles to my uniform on my next boat….. Aprons2-757058 apronapron3cest noel 2


turtle-doves-card Turtle Dove   A little bit earthy and a little bit polished, I am in love with tortoise shell anything!  Despite my natural inclinations, it’s not really appropriate to wear leopard print every day….that would be a little too crazy cat lady.  And super slutty. But that’s where tortoise shell comes in……exotic yet understated, neutral but noticeable, it’s timeless beauty isn’t going anywhere anytime soon….slow and steady wins the accessory fashion race. turlte 8   turtle2 30_Louis-Vuitton-Minaudiere-Bijou-Evening-Clutch_32616_left_angle_zoom_0 tort1 turtle5     this might be my soulmate necklace: turquoise, gold and the leopard print of hard textiles?!?!?! Imagine this with a white almost grecian draped dress, a good tan and beachy waves….my favorite look of all time, ever. Thanks for coming out every other outfit option, but you can hit the showers. GAME OVER we have a winner. tort2 1

And finally, everyone sing together!…..or not… Fine be that way, Grinchy McScrooge


1pt   I’m not going to pretend to know what I’m talking about here. I was born without the sense of smell so the products that follow may actually be disgusting but the photos are pretty, the brands are high quality and they go with the pear theme.  It was either this or me suggesting everyone to buy the complete Partridge family DVD collection.  I think I made the right choice but who really nose, not me that’s for sure. At least I’m not so scents-ative about my smelling handicap that I can’t appreciate the fact that everyone else enjoys a good nostril party and put my two scents in, though it may not be worth much.  I know what you’re probably thinking, “Poor Kate, I can’t believe she can’t smell anything. That stinks!….er….awkward…..”  But they say that when someone is missing a sense the other ones are heightened I’m here to tell you that is 100% true.  I have perfect vision, acute selective hearing, and God obviously threw in a fashion sense as a consolation prize…..along with a sense of humor 😉 Here are a few of my perfect pear selections, though you’ll have to sniff them out yourself.

 Jo and Malone seems to be a popular brand with yacht owners.


I think these are crystal Lamp Bergeres, a beautiful and functional work of art for the special people in your life (i.e. the people you are ready to spend real money on)  I gave my mom one a few years ago, and so far that’s the only person that has made the cut….you can find inexpensive ones though for as low as $40-$50


It’s a pear candle….and that’s really all I can think to say about it….i got nothin. But again, it goes with the theme so just humor this not so humorous description.

pear6Maybe you like Jo and Malone, and you like pear, but you prefer the weird pseudo zen stick method of aromatizing a space.   I think of these as the cacti of scented devices…..pokey, low maintenance and usually shoved in a corner and completely forgotten about until the bi-annual dusting (if you’re a domestic over achiever like moi’) pear5     This next product is really promising a whole hell of a lot…..calm down bath gel, calm the f#%k down.  You’re liquid soap with a little shimmer.  I’m just looking for a dose of enjoyable hygiene not a lifetime original movie after school holiday special in a bottle.  You seem a little desperate.   pear4

Artisanal pear scented bath bars: it’s the hipster of soap…..


Hey look another pear candle….because, it’s a pear themed gift and I can.  It’s my blog and I’l post what I want to.

    pear   Crabtree and Evelyn seems to have a very popular line of Pear and Pink Magnolia products. I’m no smell expert but something tells me this would be crisp and fruity with notes of floral.  Just a guess.  And the picture was pretty. pear7 So there you have it!  My 12 Days of Christmas Holiday Shopping Guide is complete!  Coincidentally, today is December 13 which means there are actually 12 days until Christmas so that worked out well. I love happy accidents!  Unfortunately that means I only have 12 days to do my shopping which I haven’t even started yet……don’t judge me, I’ve been a little busy -you think blog posts just grow on trees?  Because if they do, I’ll take 2 blog trees and one blog cactus for when my blog trees dies as most of my plants eventually do …..or even better than a blog tree, someone to do my shopping for me while I spend my days playing on my laptop.  A girl can dream. xoK   hgend hgend3 hgend5   hgend2 anchrgft


7 thoughts on “Days of Christmas Holiday Shopping Guide: Days 4-1

  1. Hi Kate:

    You’ve written a great blog! Your puns and double entendres are pretty awful but very funny. Very Clever stuff. You come across as much warmer in your blog than in the show. I caught you on BD2, and you’re the funniest crew member on it. You made the show worth watching.

    I know it’s so much water under the yacht, so to speak, but a few comments on BD2.
    I thought your Rocket ship blanket fold was very ballsy in, in more ways than one ;).
    You were right about Amy. She seems nice but sometimes she can take that Texas
    Two Step Turn. Like the way she talked to Jennice when Amy thought Jennice turned down her brother. Amy’s a Drama princess, but it’s hard to dislike her.

    I mean honestly you’re more knowledgeable than she is (about your job), your prettier, and you probably make more money than her as the Chief Stew (deservedly). Let the llittle lady have her Magnum of Champagne. I mean there are Magnum and than there are Magnums. I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of Magnums… of champagne in the past ;). S,ure you’ve all ready forgiven her.

    I also thought that last Confessional was darkly Brilliant! I totally get it. I mean
    you Busted your behind for close to 2 months and Capt. Lee doesn’t even say something like “Thanks for all the hard work Kate. Really appreciate your effort”
    Instead he gives you binkies. Loved the way you passed them out. The funny thing is on that Confession, you look exhausted (after a tough charter season), maybe a little sunburned, and your hair is…interesting, yet you still looked stunning and gorgeous.
    My favorite line of yours is something like, “I know the perfect place for you in PR Captain… It’s called jail! Just kidding.” It cracks me up everything I think of your quip. Now why would such a effective, proper Chief Stew know anything about the jails in PR? Hmmm… 😉

    Hope you have a Joyous Christmas and a Great New 2015! You’ve earned it. There is so much I’ll like to talk and ask you about regarding your job. Remember Kate might have BRF sometimes, but Kate is actually BSK! That’s Beautiful, Smart and Kind-hearted. It shows through in your blog and the way defended Jennice on the Reunion show (among many other things you did). Looking forward to your book.
    Kate… You Rock! 🙂

    Take Care,

    Really hope you are on the next season of BD

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