My Weekly Love List

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I’m introducing a new segment to my blog: a Weekly Lust List.  I used to do this on FB years ago, not only is it a fun way for me to share the things I love, but it makes me pay attention to what makes me happy throughout the week.  I’m hoping I can commit to posting my weekly lust list every Wednesday as a mid week pick me up, but only time will tell.  Anyways, here are my current 10 favorite things to get started. Until next Wednesday…..

1) These emoji balloons. Because they’re just so flipping’ cute!emoji balloons

2) Free People’s ‘Long Beach’ tank.  I have it in black and white and am thinking of ordering multiples in every color so I can wear it every single day.  It’s the perfect top for the warm florida summer weather and the racer cut front is super flattering.  It’s so much more stylish than just your average ribbed tank but every bit as comfortable.tankmaintanktuck



3) Early summer thunderstorms. Around this time of year in Florida you can practically set your clock by the weather pattern.  You know it’s 3 p.m. when the afternoon rain rolls in.  It’s the perfect excuse to take a relaxing siesta and afterwards the blazing temperature drops at least a few degrees.  Not to mention the fact that I count it as a mini car wash for my white car every day.  I love it when Mother Nature does my chores for me while I take a nap.


4) this one might be my favorite.  I am OBSESSED with geometric glass terrariums lately.  I love how it’s a mix of nature and structure.  Organized Organic as I like to call it. There’s just something so other worldly and futuristic about the alien looking plants showcased in the faceted objets de art.

terr2 terr3 terr4 terr5

5) I feel like God is basically yelling at me to buy these Christian Louboutin pumps.  I’ve always loved this certain outfit Blake Lively wore to a film premiere, the burberry skirt is both glamourous and simple and the tucked tank looks effortless yet polished. However I especially love how her heels just seem to disappear and make her legs look about 5 miles long.  So imagine my excitement when a google search revealed that this dream shoe is actually named the ‘So Kate’.  Obviously they’re just meant to be in my closet. I don’t even feel like I have a choice at this point.

blaketurboso kate

6) Using letter cookie cutters on melons. It’s G-E-N-I-U-S ! what a cute way to make table settings or drink garnishes for a summer party!  You could make a melon name skewer for every guest and throw them in the freezer beforehand, then hand them out in individual cocktails.  These deliciously delightful decorations will not only keep your guests beverages cold, but also serve as way for everyone to keep track of which drink is theirs. 

melon skewers





7) Brittany Snow’s Brandon Sun dress at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards.  I just love everything about it, the clean lines, the perfect tailoring, the skirt length and the color combo.  Red and pink can be a dangerous mix to attempt. If it’s not done right you can end up looking like a Valentine’s edition Barbie doll gone wrong, but when done well it’s both striking and innocent and totally chic. I already have a Badgley Mischka dress that celebrates this irreverent pairing of hues and it is one of my all time favorite frocks but I might break down and get this Brandon Sun number as well.



8) I’ve been framed!  Okay so maybe I am a bit guilty of a fashion crime….. I recently started wearing glasses even though I don’t really need them. They’re strictly for vanity.  There is no prescription, the lenses are just clear glass, but whenever I wear them I instantly feel smarter and like I have my shit together. My only regret is that I didn’t get them sooner so that I could have worn them all these years working as a Chief Stewardess.  My glasses make me feel like a boss, I admit it. I guess this means I’m a little bit hipster, guilty as charged. At least I don’t eat kale.



(Notice I’m wearing my Free People ‘Long Beach’ tank….all day, errday)

9) gold sideways initial necklace by Albeit.  One initial is cool but I think it would be even cooler to wear one of each of your initials for a layered effect.  

K 001initial

10) This song has been on replay for the past 5 days in my car.  It was just released last week and NPR was quick to sing it’s praises in their ‘Songs We Love’ segment. I can’t help but completely agree. 

“Love Again” feels a world away. It’s compositionally spiritual, with piano chords that would be equally suited for an organ, and flashes of lyrics that could ring true in church pews. Whichever way you read the lyrics,  the Detroit singer vocals feel like a hand outstretched, an acknowledgment of the trials of the past, and an invitation to move toward a better future: “Give it time, give it time / This ain’t no race.”



11 thoughts on “My Weekly Love List

  1. When you stop and think about it what makes this post so amazing and such a meaningful statement is how great art or ideas can be so powerful yet so quiet at the same time. People often think of writing as words or an academic or professional task, but at its core it is an art like fashion, photography, or architecture. Great job promoting that.

  2. Wednesday is my new favorite day, now that you’re going to start your Lust List! Loved this post, especially the initials, both fruity and gold. Great music choice too!

  3. If I had a “lust list” you would be on it. Not in the creepy, stalker lusty way – just the i dig you way. 🙂

  4. Another insightful entry; of course! 😉 I love the fruit stencils. What a creative way to add flair to summertime cocktails & barbeques. As for the surprise storms, I look forward to these since I live in the desert ~ ANY rain is good rain. You have created a new obsession for me & that is the geometric glass terrariums! What a cool pop to add to any room. Beautiful and functional décor at its best! Thanks so much!! 🙂

  5. Hi Kate!! I think you rock. Period. I’m not a gusher or a “follower” per say, but we would definitely be BFF’s in no time. Maybe, just maybe I could be right? We always regret the things we didn’t do, so here’s my last-ditch effort. Love and light~

    Lisa Williams

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