July’s first Love List



I can hardly believe that we are already halfway through 2015. WTF.  Time is just moving way too fast for all of the things I want to accomplish and my non existent tan is proof that I am not embracing the summer season as much as I should be.  Before I know it, school buses will be holding up neighborhood traffic during the weekdays and weekends will be filled with conversations about football and pumpkins spice lattes; all of which I’m just not ready for quite yet.  While it is impossible to slow down the hands of time anywhere other than the Department of Motor Vehicles, there is one thing I can do to ensure that Summer 2015 doesn’t completely escape me and that is to continue celebrating the little things that make this time of year special. LL628little 1) Keratin Hair Treatment

Summer in Florida isn’t humid….it’s suffocating. Once you leave the climate controlled safety of an air conditioned space and step outside, the hot damp air envelopes you in it’s inescapable grasp.  I actually kind of like it because as a native Floridian, I associate the feeling with freedom from school and homework after a lifetime of summers spent in the Sunshine State.  ( I even came up with my own term a few years ago for that moment you get into a car and it feels like a full blast sauna.  I call it ‘the Florida Hug’. Cute, right?)  Anyways, while I don’t mind the intense temperature, my hair on the other hand doesn’t react as well. LL628humidity Not only does my hair puff out to electrocution level frizz upon contact with the outdoors, but even in the comfort of my own home the thought of using any kind of heat to style my hair seems like some kind of hideous self imposed torture session.  Luckily I recently discovered the girl’s ultimate summer hair GAME CHANGER: the Keratin Treatment.  It’s a deep conditioner applied at salons with long lasting results.  This was my first time having a Keratin treatment done and I can honestly say I will never go another season without it…..it has changed my hair life.  I used to have to blow dry for 20 minutes followed by a combination of flat and curling irons to achieve the perfect “I woke up this way” tousled hair after 45 minutes of work.  Now that I have the Keratin treatment, I can literally air dry and not look like a cavewoman. I don’t mean to sound all info-mercially but I can’t help it. Keratin Treatments are that good as you can see in the following before and afters: LL628hair1

Me Before Keratin:


Me After Keratin:

jessica rabbit

Me Before Keratin:

  1. LL628frizz1

Me After Keratin:


My hair even looks good when I climb trees.


Me Before Keratin:


Me after Keratin (just hanging with my favorite TV host)

monkey wig ac

So basically if you want to feel like this:

LL628hair2Go get a Keratin treatment.  Trust me.  LL628HairGif2) Libbie Summers

About a week ago somebody posted a cute #BelowDeck instagram.


Impressed by the artistic organization and styling, I clicked on the Instagrammer’s profile and 4 hours later had a new official girl crush.  Libbie Summers is Martha Stewart with a sense of humor. (something I relate to)  Libbie Summers lives in Savannah.  (The city my grandparents grew up in, so again something I relate to.)  In fact, I was originally planning on naming my daughter Savannah but my cousin beat me to it.  WHich is totally fair considering the fact that she is already married and has children and I’m still trying to figure out how to keep cacti alive.  Instead, I’m going to name my daughter Georgia. YOU HEAR THAT ALL OTHER COUSINS. DIBS ON GEORGIA!!!!!!!) Where was I? oh right Libbie Summers.  So after watching every single charming video on her website, and reading 2 months back into her blog, I also discovered that she used to work on yachts.  (yet again, something I relate to.)  Even if you have no ties to Savannah or have never worked on a boat, my guess is you will still enjoy Libbie’s refreshing take on all things domestic. She’s a refreshing mix of whimsy and irreverence and still manages to pay homage to the classic traditions with a unique,modern spin.  And I just realized her last name is Summers which is obviously even more perfect for this blog post.  Some things are just meant to be.


I once made fortune cookies from Scratch for a Chinese New Year celebration when I was the Chief Stew on the Amway family’s yacht.  They are the NICEST people ever so I just put personalized messages inside, but I think I like Libbie’s idea a little bit more.  WATCH THIS:


Check out Libbie’s website here and laugh your way to Domestic Goddess level life.  (after you read the rest of my blog of course)


Within one mile of my apartment there is a Target, Home Goods, Chick Fil A and Einstein Bagels which might be the best thing to ever happen to me (and simultaneously the worst thing to happen to my wallet and bikini collection).  There are plenty of options for food in the area as well: (high end, low end, Italian, Greek, Japanese and Thai….) but for some reason, at least twice a week I find myself craving one of these bad boys:


Until recently I always hated the “What would be your last meal?” question because I thought it was impossible to answer.  But I believe it was Einstein himself that said, “when you find the one, you just know.”  Or maybe that was an E-Harmony commercial……either way, I can honestly say that a Lox bagel would be my last meal of choice.  The colors are beautiful, the textures are varied and something about it just feels so civilized.  It’s like the best dressed of all baked goods and it tastes indulgent but not too heavy.  The lox bagel: Fashion and Function.


Which got me to thinking…..bagels are so easy, so satisfying and so versatile.  Why don’t I set up a bagel bar when I’m entertaining guest more often? It beats the hell out of turning on the oven or getting a pan dirty.  It’s the classiest DIY food station with the least amount of work!  Just set out a toaster, a few different spread options, and ramekins of different toppings and boom. Brunch is served. Mark my words: Bagels are the new Doughnuts.






4) Capri Sweatpants/Wedge Combo (words I never thought I’d type….)

Kate was slammed on the internet for her pairing of knee length lounge wear with less than loungey heels but I don’t care. I think the look is easy, breezy but not completely sloppy.


Kate Hudson always embodies effortless beachy chic to me and this ensemble is no exception.   The secret is in the platform wedge sandals. It takes the comfy pants up a notch….prefereably about 6 inches worth.  I’ve owned many pairs of this model footwear.  They are just so freaking comfortable and daytime appropriate  AND still let me feel like aisle 5 of the grocery store is a catwalk.  LL628kate2

 I like this pair by Abercrombie and Fitch


Or even this pair by Roxy


A python print similar to K. Hud’s shoes by Michael Kors


The perfect, goes with everything wear every single day for the entire summer wedge. By Stuart Weitzman.


I think my heart skipped a beat when I discovered the next little beauty.  Of course it’s Christian Louboutin, of course it is. I would literally wear these with everything in my closet. Stripes, polka  dots, sweatpants, gold sequins…..everything.



Cheerful and refreshing, watermelon is basically the patron fruit of summer. Just enter the word in your interest search bar and seemingly countless cool and delicious ideas come up. Here are some of my favorites:





Watermelon is more that just a snack item, it’s a color scheme and a cultural icon that automatically brings a smile to anyones face.



So now that I’ve posted my first Love List of July, I’m headed out to the local shopping plaza down the road to buy items to place in welcome baskets for 4th of July guests visiting from New York tomorrow.  I’m thinking cheesy Florida post cards, sunblock, beach towels and champagne…..but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I also stop and have a lox bagel for dinner, end up checking Target for a pair of grey sweatpant capris and leave Publix with a large green melon……And a bottle of vodka to go inside it.  It’s summer!