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How cool is it that now I have a secret webpage where I can post all of my most private thoughts. Β This should be fun.


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  1. Such a great restaurant. They closed the following night. When in the area, If you or your clients are interested in tennis lessons and or surfing contact email.

    • Kate~ Random funny cruising experiences that I had over the 5 years that I worked for Royal Viking Line were as unexpected and as surprising as most of the predicaments that we found you in with Below Decks. The OHANA is about the size of our D-Deck where we kept the provisions. and Bonded Stores $$$ You would have been very pleased with the Premier Cru Vintages we served aboard the Star. One of the strangest situations was when a somewhat wealthy old lady died on the gangway as we were leaving Ft. Lauderdale in front of her 24 pieces of luggage. ….. well we put her luggage in the stateroom and placed her in the morgue. We did not want to hold up the departure and the Captain felt if we just went about our business everything would be fine….. one of many memories your show reminded me of …fair winds and following seas ..I signed on as an able bodied seaman and rose to Provision Master after saving the lives of some officers at a disco in Venezia ..another hilarious adventure looking forward to the finale with some reticence sail on sailor >^..^<

      • Brian, thank you SO MUCH for your comment. It’s a small circle of people that understand the intensity of being in the high end service industry ON A BOAT. It’s a life of extremes, the highs are high and the lows are low, but at the end of the (usually 14 hours of work) day, it beats the hell out of a cookie cutter 9-5. Cheers! xo

  2. Starting out on a South Seas cruise we crept along the California coast hitting the usual ports Cabo Puerto Vallarta Zhihuatenejo Acapulco and ……Ensenada. We had gone ashore and never to far from the the vessel we found ourselves at Hussongs Cantina .. The Norwegians love to drink Aquavit which is pretty close to White Lightning and when I suggested that the Captain try the Sauza Tequila the game was on what ensued was a contest that had the waitress delivering several trays of shots which disappeared upon arrival I was off and stayed behind as the carry of officers made their way back to the Ship. I left about an hour later and when I went below deck “D” deck to be exact I noticed my cabin was about half the size it was when I left it earlier ……… The Captain pissed out of his gourd gave orders to the Control room to power Full ahead on the Starboard Bow Thruster putting the STAR in hard against the pier…. The control room could have countered his order but apparently they had a passive aggressive with poor Captain V. …. RVK Lines in Oslo were notified immediately, Captain relieved of his command, and flown home from Mexico…….. Looking forward to the next episode …you might like Blollingers …one of my fave’s when I am not at the Helm >^..^<

  3. Wow, is this really Kate from Below Deck? I love you! πŸ™‚ I think you are a super cool role model for women. Seriously! I am an Executive Assistant and I know all about having to be professional under stressful situations–and of course dealing with demanding characters. You handle yourself very well-with grace and humility.

    Kudos to you for being such a hardworking woman.

  4. I hate it when I am right! Well . . . not really. My ability to read others so fast has always been a strength of mine, and my instincts told me that you were a well rounded, sophisticated, amazing woman. Then I read your blog a few weeks ago and realized that I was indeed right again! Your ability to appreciate life in the way that you do, be introspective as well as being honest with yourself and others are tremendous qualitys. You also say all sorts of funny things on here, among the very insightful. I appreciate your observation and skills of the dolphins as much much as your humor on how you have your own strict diet. No food at all if possible! You are a very gifted, and creative writer who can express herself beautifully.
    Then I read what you wrote yesterday and I was blown away. Wow! I think it is safe to say based on people’s attitudes through out day to day life that most people NEVER get to where you find your outlook and feelings today. Maybe you should give yourself more credit than you do? If it was not for you trying so hard, and by so many different route’s, that you may not have found the wisdom and blessings you currently appreciate so very much. Some people do not look into themself that much Kate. You tried, and you thought, and you worked , and through faith, experience( mistakes) and intelligence ( all blessings as you stated) you have found yourself in a place where people spend a life time getting there , if they do at all?
    The best part is that ( as Frank Sinatra said) The best is yet to come! You think you have flown before, but baby you haven’t even left the ground!
    But hey, what do I know? I am just another person like you, enjoying the fresh air, the sun shining, feeling the cool breeze mix with the warm air, and trying to learn something new everyday. Keep being you.

    • you have no idea how much I needed and appreciate this comment. I am currently in the process of finishing a book I have spent 5 years writing. I am down to the ending and then it is getting sent off to publishers. I’ve been having doubts and difficulty thinking ‘who am i to write a book?!’ I’m practically terrified of finishing it and your comment was the encouragement I prayed for. Thank you so much

      • That is great to hear, because I felt inspired to do so suddnely today, and pretty much re-arranged my own day to do so. Now I am working late, but it makes me feel real good that it was time well spent. It is quite a commitment to write a book, just to get as far as you have is impressive. I would be truly honored to read it anytime. Thank you for your response.

    • To Rich: Perfectly said. Couldn’t agree more.
      To Kate: Just read some of your blog entries, and I find your stories fascinating. Your progressive appreciation for life is what some human beings lack and sadly, many may never fully find happiness by not seeing the blessings that already surrounds them. Life is not perfect by all means, but our greatness is being able to remake ourselves and to continue learning from everything we get to experience in it. Keep your positive outlook in life and definitely express it. It’s actually contagious πŸ˜‰

  5. after reading this blog for the first time today, I posted on FB that you missed your calling……now I see that you DID write a book!!
    Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my book?
    It took me years to write, will you take a look?
    It’s based on a novel by a man named Lear
    And I need a job, so I want to be a paperback writer
    Paperback writer

    If you really like it you can have the rights
    It could make a million for you overnight
    If you must return it, you can send it here
    But I need a break and I want to be a paperback writer
    Paperback writer

    Ordering my advance copy and do you ship????

  6. I’d be happy to have you as Chief Stew on my yacht any day Kate! I appreciate the commitment, hard work and talent it takes to pull it off! You’re a rock star baby!

  7. Love this blog Kate! You were so fun to watch on Below Deck (hope you come back to it next season). Definitely want to read your book.

  8. Great to read your blog! Loved watching you on Below Deck, you were highly professional, organized, efficient and very articulate! Ignore the BRF nonsense. I am also a writer and love coming across others work! Good luck and look forward to reading your book!

      • You are very welcome! I’m planning to take the Coastal Postal drive next time I’m down that way;
        those whimsical mailboxes are irresistible! Looking forward to many more of your travel blogs. Good luck out there!

  9. You cracked me up on what I saw of the show and it’s now blossomed into borderline girl-crush after realizing that you’re a writer. Seriously though, I planned on glancing at the first entry and ended up spending the rest of my night reading through this entire blog. You’re a born storyteller. Your writing style is so candid and relatable, I couldn’t help but be drawn in. I can only imagine that your other work is as hilarious, interesting, and unapologetically truthful as this. The world needs more of that. I sincerely hope you finish your book. I’m sure I speak for many when I say that I can’t wait to read it.

    • Thank you so much! It’s encouragement like this that keeps me typing so I really appreciate it πŸ™‚ Writing a book is an everyday commitment and sometimes I find myself thinking am I just wasting 10 hours a day on something that will never make it to print? When I receive supportive feedback it gives me the energy I need to push through. xoxo

  10. Hi Kate! I’m so happy to have found your wonderful blog. For starters, I have a huge cheese service platter that I received as a wedding gift (20 yrs ago,) but I’ve never used it because I was never sure how to go about filling it up properly and tastefully. But, you’ve presented and explained, so beautifully, many great and logical ideas. Now I feel I can use it proudly and with confidence.

    I love your blog and I am a fan of “Below Deck” as well. I hope you return for future seasons, IF that is what you hope to do also. #RBF, #rockets!, #everybody has a font. Funny stuff! I think you’re a fabulous Chief Stew. Especially given extreme circumstances of living AND working with the same people, 24/7, in such cramped quarters with mics and cameras monitoring you for reality television and entertainment. Fir what it’s worth, I think you did an amazing job. Actually, it’s multiple jobs in one. Very few ppl could pull off all you had on your plate as well as you did it. Kudos!

    You truly are a lovely and multi-talented woman! Thanks again for the cheese platter blog, for sharing your expertise, and for rescuing my awesome, unused cheese service platter. Prior to reading “Say Cheese” it was on a list of items that I might as well purge. But now I’m looking forward to putting it to good use, tastefully done. Pun intended. πŸ™‚

  11. Wow! I just thought I’d stop by and peek around at your blog to waste some time.. But I was dead wrong. I was completely enthralled and couldn’t stop reading it. Not only are you gorgeous, funny and smart, you can write! I love that! It is so great seeing a beautiful woman go after her dreams and I am more than ecstatic to know you are going to have a book! I will be buying a copy as soon as I can! I really hope you don’t stop writing this blog, it is all too real, raw and funny! You make me want to start my blog writing days again! πŸ™‚

    Cheers, Kate!

  12. Hi Kate,
    I am a huge fan, enjoy your sassy personality on Below Deck. Decided to check out your blog, love it keep up the great work! It is filled with humor yet so classy, it shows you take your time on it. I would love to send you samples of my All natural hot sauce I feel you would like very much. πŸ™‚ Send me message of where you would like me to send the package. scarlett@formosasauce.com.

    Thanks, Kate.

  13. Hello Kate,
    I discovered your blog this week and have read just about everything on it. You have such a gift for writing and the photographs from your travels are amazing. I love the jeu d’esprit in your writing. I am looking forward to reading your book when it is published.

  14. Thanks for posting the last comments. Didn’t think you were going to. Sorry for the multiple posts. You’re a great writer with a great spirit.
    You were great on BD2, and the way you befriended Jennice and treated Andrew when he left showed a lot of heart and class. Looking forward to seeing you star on BD3 πŸ™‚
    You’ve inspired me to write some haikus and put it on twitter. Look for it. Hope its not too corny, but I feel like you’re my BiKoastal Soulmate! Have a Great 2015 DiamondGirl and stay Classsy, Beautiful!

    Peter πŸ™‚

  15. Hi there Kate!!
    I adore your blog….you are so creative and funny, and I can say with my whole heart that YOU have done a lot of amazing things in your life – all with grace and a wicked sense of style. You need your own show “The BRF and how to disguise it”. I never thought you were being bitchy, Girl, you work your a** off!; of course you’re not gonna be smiling like a fool, primping your big hair while asking people if they’d like anything else *wink wink*. Anywhoooo, I do hope to see a lot more of you, weather on Below Deck , or doing something else. You are so creative Kate, you could do anything…..I can see it now “The Kate Chastain Show” where you can showcase how spectacularly gifted you are with your crafting, style sense, THEME PARTIES!, etc Btw, thanks for the follow back on IG…that made my year!! Much love to you doll and safe journey’s on wherever life takes you next. I will be reading your blog to check out your adventures. Stay safe sweets and if ever in Southern California, it’d be cool just to meet you

    • ummm, your comment just made me so gosh darn happy. You have no idea how much I appreciate you not only taking the time to check out my blog, but to respond and with such generous compliments. #daymade. I’ve learned in the past few months that the excitement of being in the public eye comes with the price tag of scrutiny and judgment so it IS SO NICE to hear positive feedback. Thank you. You have truly encouraged me to keep pursuing my dreams xo Kate

  16. Kate!! Just wanted to say how much I adore you! You have the cutest style and raddest personalilty I can’t wait to watch season 2!!! Keep living the dream ( I’m jelly) πŸ™‚ Roxy

  17. Hi Kate,

    Just wanted you to know that whenever I am in a stressful situation and need some inspiration I try to channel your calm poise and grace. It works like a charm, you are so unique and I am glad I came across you on bd, so thank you for being you and please dont change. Love, angie

  18. Sooo can I just say that I just discovered your blog and spend the past 2 hours exploring through it. I absolutely love you on the show and to be bonest, I think I would have stopped watching after season one if it weren’t for you joining the crew. You have so many awesome, admirable ideas on your blog and I am officially o b s e s s e d!

  19. I just got caught up on BD and am loving living vicariously through you! And just happened to stumble upon your wonderful blog…what an engaging and delightful writer you are! I loved your “Coastal Postal”; longtime Orlando resident and very familiar with the Space Coast.

    You mentioned you worked the DeVos family yacht. I was their personal suite attendant in their private suites when the new Amway Center opened. And you are correct…they were a pleasure to work with. I was actually on my knees the first time I met RDV. I was trying to shove all of the used china and linen into a bus tub on the lowest shelf of the wet bar when I heard a booming voice ask “what have you got going on down there??” and saw the gleam of his gold-tipped cane by my feet. Nothing like making a great first impression — squatting down and hands-deep in dirty dishes!

    When does your book come out? Would love to read it!

  20. Hi, Kate!

    I love watching you on Below Deck!
    I’m happily surprised to see that you have a blog.
    Your writing is skillful and uplifting.
    As a homeschooling Mom who feels “in way over her head” at times, I find it very nourishing to have your sophisticated and sweet presence in my home on Tuesday nights and now- yes!- I can come to your website and enjoy all you have to offer!
    You give me a well-needed smile. I absolutely love, love, love your creative writing, craft ideas, and beautiful expressions if art through photos, paintings, and sayings.
    I definitely want to know more about your book!
    Also, I am adding you to my prayers-for finding Mr. Right, continued success, and, especially, out of thanksgiving for how you have touched my life!
    God bless you and keep persevering!
    Full speed ahead!! πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ

  21. Hi there Kate I absolutely love your blog. Such great words of wisdom! I love below deck but had no idea just how talented and creative you are. I love the fact that you just went for it and are making your dreams come true. I can’t wait to read your first book Cheers love ya

  22. Dear Ms. Chastain, I wrote you last week. I am a casual observer of your BRAVO channel tv show…yesterday’s episode seemed More Compelling than the previous one. I guess the captain has direct supervision duties over the cook; and I’m sure–over the Producer’s objection– you would prefer that chain-of-command status. (Because your presence is Central, you have limited opportunities for friviolity.) I would like to know, were I to mail a money order, up to ten dollars in value, to your primary promoter/agent, if you would send me an autographed 8×10 (or least 5×7) picture? I hesitate to send funds to the ‘Burbank’ office of BRAVO, for this effort…particularly since it’s three-thousand miles from your approximate location. Please advise. P.S. do you guys use Globalstar or Iridium phones on the boat? P.P.S. Is your Figment/Pigment book site for public consumption, yet? ___ . . .

    • thank you so much for your messages. I would certainly love to send you an autographed photo to whatever address you provide but free of charge as I don;t think it is actually worth much more than the just value of your compliment alone. I’m not sure what a figment/pigment book is and I am sorry to tell you that I am unsure when it will be available as the publishing process has proven to much more difficult than I expected. At the same time, I did invest a lot of hard work and energy into it and am quite pleased with how it turned out so my literary agent and I are still working towards publication. Fingers crossed. Worst case scenario I will use Amazon Kindle publishing for a release although it does have a ‘straight to DVD’ vibe about it but that is something I can happily accept. Thanks again for reaching out

      • Kate: You are so cool and kind! Wait the book thing out awhile. You are worth it. I could do a marathon post about Below Deck, but in a nutshell you are spot on and you have Captain in your corner. That says a lot because he is a no bs type of person. Oh, and Connie, you have Connie!! Sorry you had to go through all this Leo and Rocky crap, but it’s made for a very entertaining season watching you deal with these nuts. I saw a tweet from Captain that said “Kate is in a battle of wits with two unarmed individuals.” That sums it up nicely. Have a great day!!!

      • Here is the website about “Figment” I was referring to: __http://figment.com/books/63067-Lucky-Charming__

        It may be something a staff member of your publisher has set up.

      • Oh, here is a minor point: please use any Sharpie OTHER-THAN-BLACK.

        And you may wish to add this quote, of yours, either front or back: “There.is.no.Yawning.in.Yachting.”

  23. Kate,
    I follow you on Instagram and am so happy to finally find this! You kill me. You are direct and forward. What is not to like? I loved the last episode, when crazy train was cussing you out in the galley, and you called her on her BS and mentioned how you have complimented and told her how great she was doing. She is nuts and I don’t know how she has lasted this long. Thanks again for continuing to be yourself this entire time. You are really a professional and a great example. Hope all is well!

  24. Kate, I’m a little old to be having a QLC (mid-30s) but your post about it really spoke to me. Any advice to someone in a similar situation looking for the sign and scared about the future? I can’t wait to buy your book!

  25. Love your sass and sense of style- where is your favorite place/port to shop? You have such great taste- love watching the show. I would definitely need a lot of wine and/or Xanax to deal with Miss Thing (‘rocky-horror-picture-show’) Love watching you! Be safe!

  26. Kate- Love you, your attitude , everything πŸ™‚ Watching you make fun of Rocky on BD is hilarious. I would die. Happy to see you had a cute blog and I wanted your opinion. What is your favourite island or tropical destination for a small group of your closest friends? I am planning something for June-August. It will be my bachelorette but I am not into club scene or tourist attractions. I am thinking about a place like Tulum, but that has become Brooklyn and I’m over it. I would love to hear your thoughts as you have good taste and are so well travelled. TY! πŸ™‚ Chrissy

  27. I am in no way insinuating that you are a viewer of “Vanderpump Rules”, but one of the bartenders (Jason/Jacks) was on “Watch What Happens Live” this week and he had the unmitigated gall to say (I admit to paraphrasing here), “did you see who George Clooney married”? She’s a Human Rights Lawyer. Can you imagine the sex? He then went on to admonish G/C for being some sort of pimpish ‘player’ who shamed himself and his “boys”. The truth is, you are the blond Amal Alamuddin. I said it from the moment you two co-existed in the media. You and she share a style that is so timeless. You have the same body type, the same hair (although I prefer your tousled look) which you seem to magically transform into a flawless pony at a moments notice. So, now that you are wondering when I might get to the point, here goes; you are clearly the most beautiful, lovely girl on the Earth at this moment. Save for Amal Alamuddin Clooney, who is your just as beautiful and just as lovely somewhat darker version. I cannot wait to watch the next Below Deck. Have you ever been to the Amalfi Coast in Italy? We have a beautiful house there. We can see Capri from our garden. We get some hot yachts cruising by from time to time. Come for a visit !

    • first of all, that A HOLE JAX (whatever he wants to call himself this week) is a douche bag. I totally agree with you about Kate being the blond Amal…classy, timeless, educated, and totally hip……..take a look at Jax’s loser life at 35..a bartender in an LA bar who has only 1 goal in life…..to bang every slut in Hollywood….he’s disgusting and full of himself and I don’t think too many people are let in this country that think he’s all that….cuz he’s not!

  28. RE: Oct.23 status on photo/autograph

    Hello Kiddo. I had a free moment to continue this discussion. The address you may use is “2522 North Proctor Street, unit# 277; Tacoma, Wash. 98406, U.S.A.”
    Because this post is ‘moderated’, I presume you have the ability to retain only certain text…or you can just send a reply-note to this EMAIL: “BelowDeck@BRAVO”
    I’m still wondering if you’re at liberty to divulge the cell-phone network that is utilized to cover your water & island areas.

    Thank you.

  29. Hello Ms. Chastising,
    I haven’t read your blogs, yet, just found this. I just wanted to tell you what a class act you are. You are not a bitch, you are a professional, in control, get the job done, classy lady. The bullshit you have had to put up with this season from Leon, Rocky, Emile, and ever so slightly from Ben is ridiculous and you handled it with complete grace.
    And if people call you a bitch, who cares, fuck them and feed them fish heads. Strong, smart, powerful women often get called this so don’t ever let it be an insult.
    I will admit I watch a lot of reality TV and very few women on reality shows are great examples for young girls but I put you up there withYolanda Foster, Heather Dubrow and Lisa Vanderpump! I hope you read this and I hope that some day you use your talents to become the female Colin Cully (? You know that celebrity party planner) because you are a talented lady. Although there is nothing wrong with you doing what you are now, I just see bigger things in your future. Things that will allow you to be a primary instead of chief stew!
    Kelly Wetzel

  30. First of all, I wanted to say I LOVE YOU on the show. I can’t believe this season already ended. I wanted to watch more. And I must say that I was so sad that I had to wait a week before watching the new episode.
    And as for you, I love your commitment for the job you are doing, and I love your personality, your style is just amazing. And your sence of humor is just amazing. You put smile on my face every episode.
    I know this may not be appropriate, but I have a few questions for you, if you do not mind. First, I would like to know how did you get into yachting? I’m interested in being a stew on the yacht but I do not know how or where to start. If you have any advice , be nice and please, give it to me. I’m from Croatia so I hope everything is spelled correctly and my grammar is good.
    XOXO, Helena

    • Hi Helena, thank you so much for your comment. If you are interested in getting into the yachting industry, order the book titled “The Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess” by Julie Perry. It will tell you everything you need to know, it is how I got my start and it is a very thorough guide. Good Luck!

  31. Dear Kate,
    I am a fan of yours and Below Deck from the first show. I admire your work ethic, attention to detail and your dry wit.
    Just discovered your website today. I am really enjoying it. It’s so you.
    I hope you are able to publish your book and fulfill that dream. I cannot imagine your book being anything but successful if you do.
    Wishing much love and happiness to you.

  32. I love your blog and loved you on Below Deck! I think you did a fantastic job, especially given the hand you were dealt at times. Could you do a tutorial on how you do your hair? Every time y’all left the boat, or on the reunion it looks PERFECT!

  33. Hi there. I stumbled upon your blog last night after watching the ending of the show. I had to know what that scarf was you were wearing on the last episode with Ben. Can you share? Love it! … Anyways, I never figured it out where the scarf was from, but found myself reading your blog for some time. I love all the tips (art, beauty, day to day gadgets) and stories. And now I want to read your book! Thanks for sharing.

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