(somewhat) Weekly Love List

little things

Okay so maybe I was overly ambitious with my plan to post a weekly lust list.  It’s not that there was any shortage of things I loved lately, more that there always seemed to be a shortage of something far more valuable: time.  First I picked up a last minute freelance job on a yacht in the Bahamas (plenty of things to love there) and was too busy working to play on my computer.  And then when I did have the luxury of time, I was working on Bahamas Wi-Fi which is comparable to trying to start a fire with a coconut. Pretty much pointless.


Then when I got back from the Bahamas, I was behind on all of my real life stuff like laundry and book deadlines and general grooming. Every time I’d set aside precious time to do a blog post, the phone would ring and an email would arrive or there’d be a housewives marathon on Bravo.  Priorities people, that bottle of sauvignon blanc wasn’t going to drink itself. So now I’m feeling more caught up and I am finally ready to post my 2nd weekly lust list. A month later.  So maybe time management isn’t my strong point but I’m not going to worry about that, I’d rather celebrate the little things in life.

1) Flamingos


Maybe it’s because I was raised in Florida that I have such a fondness for these kitschy things. Or maybe it’s because it’s literally impossible not to smile when you spot one in their natural habitat, like the lawns of retired people.  Either way, there’s just something about a bright pink flamingo that ruffles my feathers in all the right ways. Obviously the preferred type is the plastic variety sold at every home depot in the sunshine state, but lately I’ve noticed these retro chic birds popping up everywhere from fashion to home decor. Kate Spade has an entire line infused with flamingos this season! (Sometimes I wonder if Kate Spade is my soul mate……first she did a holiday collection dedicated to Space themed things and now this. It must be a Kate thing)

pink-flamingoskate spade


FUN FACT: a flock of flamingos is called a flamboyance



Maybe you also appreciate a good flamingo like the rest of us but just aren’t quite sure you are ready to commit to full retro kitsch they require.  I get it, a pink lawn flamingo is a bold statement.  That still doesn’t mean you can’t have your own flock. Instead spray paint them gold and keep up with the trending migrational pattern in a more subtle way. I love it because it takes something unexpected and makes it even more unexpected. Whoa.


2) Tibetan Terriers


do more2

I want a Tibetan Terrier so so sooooooooooo bad.  The only problem is I don’t want to have to walk it, train it, feed it, be financially responsible for it or bathe it. Life can be so unfair sometimes.

tt2 tt3

Basically I want a dog that looks like a stuffed animal that is as low maintenance as possible. Considering the fact that I’ve already killed one of the cacti I received as a house warming gift 2 months ago, maybe a stuffed animal is my best bet after all.

#3) Amal Clooney’s Style


She’s gorgeous. She’s a human rights attorney or something else impressive and noble.  She’s married to George Clooney. Let’s face it, just when you’re feeling pretty good about yourself all it takes is one photo of this woman and then you realize you are more of a basic bitch than you ever thought possible. Compared to Amal Clooney, we’re ALL basic bitches. Even you Anna Wintour. BASIC. So obviously that’s while I hate Amal. On the other hand I LOVE her style.  Somehow she has mastered looking both feminine and powerful and whimsical and polished all in one perfect outfit after another.  Her style is so unique and effortless and flirty and high fashion.  The way she puts things together are always unexpected but still feel so right.  Honestly I think she’s an alien.


when I saw the above two photos for the first time my self loathing level skyrocketed to new heights. Why didn’t I ever think to dream of wearing a floral appliqué avant garde structured lace dress?!?!?! It’s like staring straight into the sun during an eclipse, it hurts but I can’t help myself and just keep looking not wanting to miss a thing.


I don’t even like the outfit above, but because it’s Amal I’m just going to assume that my small, inferior brain simply cannot comprehend the genius behind it.  If anybody else wore this I would say they looked like a walking test for color blindness or epilepsy; the tap-dancing musical.  But because its her, I say “I want to understand!!!!!!”


” …..then I told George that I didn’t have any clean clothes so I just made his clothes into a super cool outfit and I’ll be there in 5 minutes…..”


Because you know she literally just threw this on at the last minute to go get some coffee and still looks like an ad for French Vogue.

acI’m not worthy! If you are reading my blog (hi mom) you’re not worthy! NONE OF US ARE WORTHY!!!!!!

4)Well Styled Bookshelves

a bookshelf is more than just a storage device for all of your old “Microsoft for Dummies” guides and embarrassing collection of every Harry Potter book. It’s a focal point for a well dressed space and an opportunity to express your personality.


What better way is there to make yourself look like, totally super smart than a collection of books.  Let’s face it, the books are just as much for decoration as the rest of the items of visual interest you’re going to add but when done well, a super stylized book shelf is textbook chic.


The above photo was taken at a friends house, although it would belong in the same dewy decimal section as professional interior design books. I love the perfect imperfect symmetry of it.


clearly somebody cool lives here



Grouping by color, what a novel thought. It definitely seems to be the way to go.  Who cares if your Cosmo Guide to Kama Sutra is next to the Holy Bible. As long as the covers are the same color, it works.  bsf


The above photo was taken at Baker’s Bay when I was in the Bahamas not creating blog posts….which brings me to my next point.

#5) Baker’s Bay


bbb1 bbb2

I had the unique privilege of visiting Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club while working my last yacht job and fell hard for the beauty, charm and joie de vivre of this private island paradise. Between the organized yet organic landscaping, crystal blue waters from nearly every vantage point and unexpected delights dotted around the property (like a free tequila bar or a miniature golf course where brightly painted conch shells mark the holes) , I can totally see why celebs like Reese Witherspoon, Gisele Bundchen and Mr. Amal Clooney himself have homes there.  I’ve never had a near death experience but after visiting Baker’s Bay I can honestly say I’ve seen heaven and it is worth the wait to get in.


Oh what’s this, a fort with bottles of tequila on ice and an ocean view glamping set up on the roof? It would be rude not to stop.


This has inspired me should I ever have to organize another f$&*ing beach party for yacht guests again.  Just send this over with some towels and wait for everyone to pass out.  Genius.



So there you have it my weekly lust list.  I know that originally I planned on doing ten items a week but we all have more important shit to do than looking at pretty pictures on the internet so I feel like 5 is a happier medium.  I’ve never been one to be suffocated by things like exact numbers or times, I’m too creative and easily distracted for things like that.  So until next week (fingers crossed) I’ll be on the lookout for things that brighten my days and hopefully yours as well.  Check back in November and I’m sure I will have managed to blog about them by then. Unless there’s another Bruce, I mean Caitlyn, Jenner special on.  In that case don’t even bother calling me because I’m obsessed.

do more

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